August 15th 201…

August 15th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, today I feel forgiveness release compassion and hope I also see helplessness despair disgust and bitterness being blasted out. These are dense slow moving and thick energies and I can see them being dissipated, they are still about but they are much more diluted. By not focusing or giving these states any of our energy then they will cease to function; only we are powering them now. These energies which have held so much power over us and our world have lost that power, we need to recognise this and withdraw out agreement for their existence. Forgiveness and compassion are amazing transformative energies; they really can change you from the inside out and your world as a result of this. Pull in these energies today and really feel their influence, forgive yourself, have compassion for yourself, love yourself, truly do this, don’t pay it lip service. Feel those emotions rush through you when you genuinely from you heart forgive yourself for all those crimes and failings that you feel you have committed over the years. Forgive yourself for all your perceived faults and errors and then forgive yourself for feeling that way in the first place. What we perceive as faults, are not faults at all, it’s what makes us special and unique but we have all spent too long judging ourselves by others, comparing and contrasting. Comparing ourselves to an illusion, we cannot make such judgements and we shouldn’t they are there only to keep us tied to the unworthy train…..well it’s time we all got off, the train has run out of steam but for some reason instead of running free so many of us have decided to push the train……STOP REFLECT REALISE CHANGE. We really are living in a world of infinite possibilities so don’t jump back in that box, no matter how big it may appear. Love Yourself, Forgive Yourself, Release yourself….love and laughter Michele xxx


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