Energy forecast 14th August 2012

Good Morning, well I am not all together sure what happened last night but any motivating energy seems to have left this morning and we are being urged once again to look inwards and to just be. This is a time not to be actively doing anything, which is a little at odds with the energy I felt yesterday. Today it is important to just be, with as little mental processes as possible. I feel that much is being brought up for recognition ad release but no more than that is required of us, we do not need to do the digging nor analyse what we have discovered. No today is about being accepting without judgement or reasoning. We have the energy of trust here today and this will help us here to trust the process, it’s happening for a reason, it’s happening for the greater good, we don’t need to know why when or what for, just allow the release to happen and feel lighter for it. We are all learning to fly or remembering how to fly but first we have to get rid of the weights tying us down. You have to fight the urge to hold on, this is just the ego, thank it for it wanting to protect you but that is no longer necessary and just let it all go. All the issues, problems and attachments, just let them go you don’t need them anymore, they are not who you are, they were just learning opportunities and now that you have learnt what you needed to you don’t need to lug around the books. It’s time to release and be free…truly free with no limits and no restraints. Nobody is keeping you locked in a cage, nobody is keeping you within certain parameters only you are doing that and now we are all being helped to firstly see the cage, so often we think we are free but that blue sky we are looking at is actually a false celling and then we are being helped and guided to break through that ceiling and really soar into the unlimited sky of infinite possibility. So although it may be a quiet day energetically know that profound changes are occurring. Namaste Michele xx


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