August 13th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, I am feeling a lift in the energy today and become more active once again, although I did feel a bit of a slow start this morning, the energy is increasing and by Wednesday I feel that we should all be little powerhouses. So think today what you need to achieve this week and it shall be done, you have the energy now you need to link it to you intent. I also feel the energy of manifestation around and the time between thought and manifestation is getting shorter and shorter, so it’s a good job we have been doing all the internal processing that we have and getting to know what we really want as this is not the time for negative thoughts. This is a time for us all to be walking firmly on our path, with purpose and intent. Stop looking at other people’s paths or you will trip on your own, do not judge your path against anyone else as that is folly. Hold you head high put a smile on your face and start walking. The energy I am feeling is making me want to say “come on chop chop, get up and get a move on” I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s all about honesty and intent, time to stop the excuses, the lying to ourselves, the justifications, the whining and the moaning, we have no energy for that, we are all here for a purpose and moaning is not it! Gosh I felt very authoritative there, it feels a bit like headmistress energy so I apologise if you feel as though you have been reprimanded a little but it had to come out. We are just being given that little push that to be fair some of us need J So get out there and crack on, being rewarded along the way by manifesting your desire. Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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