August 11th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning today we have the energy of reflection, a quiet looking within. For some this may be a kind of internal stock take, seeing how far you have come in releasing your old fears and habits, noticing times recently when you haven’t reacted to your usual triggers. For others this is a deeper enquiry, you may be wanting to change things in your life but not sure why things keeps going wrong or how to change them, this weekend is about seeking the answers to your questions from within. We also have the energy of responsibility which will help a great deal with your inner enquiry. This helps us to take responsibility for our lives, our actions, our thoughts and our emotions and once we can do that then we can go about changing it. I would imagine some of you sighed when you saw that responsibility is here again, we have often attached a negative to charge to responsibility as it’s often seen as a chore or a burden but in fact it is incredibly liberating. When you realise that the issues you have and the way that you feel is your responsibility, then you are in a position to do something about it, when we hand our power to someone else, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, frustration and heart ache. I also feel the energy of illumination, again it is to do with looking within rather than anything external, this is here to help us all see things we had hidden from ourselves, that little piece of information which completes changes your perspective on something. Be gentle with yourself as there are going to moments when it hits you that you may have acted like an idiot or been a bit arrogant or maybe not as kind as you could have been. Don’t worry about this it is not important what you did, what is important is that you can see now where you have issues or blocks and you can process and release them. It can also give you a more humble attitude as we very rarely have the information required to make informed judgements of others so it is folly to try and real arrogance to then stand by and affirm that judgement and as much as our gaze has been outward we are really just looking in a mirror. This sort of stuff makes you want to hold your tongue….may he without sin cast the first stone….people in glass houses and all that. Luckily we also have compassion here today which will help smooth everything over. Have compassion for yourself today as I have a feeling some of you may be quite hard on yourselves and really you shouldn’t. We have all made these mistakes…which are only mistakes if not used as opportunities for growth. We have all been blind yet determined in action, this is all a process and we need to go through all of these stages, we cannot bypass them. SO don’t think oh what an awful person I am or be embarrassed that you made a bit of a fool of yourself asserting your opinion, we have all done, we are all human and it’s all part of why we are here, so congratulate yourselves, for you to be able to “see” now indicates your conscious awareness is rising and that’s what it’s all about. So when you realise that you have been an idiot rejoice and celebrate because it means you are pretty awesome. Have a fantastic day and we hope to see some of you at the group meditation tomorrow. Love and Laughter Michele xxx


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