August 10th 2012 Energy Forecast

August 10th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning, the general energy feels calm and balanced; however it is working deep within. All morning I have been getting the word impeccability. This energy is quite penetrating and is working at a very deep level. It is asking that you be authentic in all that you do. Often we are not authentic and this puts us out of alignment with our soul, this can often be unconscious as we are acting in ways in which we conform to societal pressures, expectations and conditioning. This energy is helping you blast through all that and find out what makes your heart and soul sing. What is the true you and how can you express this. Many of you will be finding it harder and harder not to speak your truth, you may try and soften the delivery but often the truth will be out of your mouth faster than a speeding bullet, often to yours and the recipient’s surprise. We can no longer utter untruths or white lies just to maintain the status quo, or keep someone else happy, every time we are untrue to ourselves a fairy dies…no sorry only kidding  but a little part of us gets locked away. So the energy I am feeling is authenticity, integrity and truth and these are working deep within today and I would say over the weekend too. So quite a mixed bag as we still have the fun energy here too and the renewal but then on reflection that all makes sense, we are constantly being asked by spirit this year to lighten up, have fun, don’t take life so seriously, which many may think is a tall order especially with all the lessons, processing and general tidal wave of energy which has been knocking us about and not to mention the ascension symptoms but it’s how an authentic life actually plays out. Once you have brought yourself into balance and alignment with your soul/higher self then life is not serious, life is fun and it’s not that you never experience pitfalls or obstacles it’s just that you deal with them in a joyous way. I love an obstacle, it allows me to be creative and resourceful, to draw on my inner strength and I can always see the funny side, life is so full of unexpected twists and turns, why wouldn’t we find it funny and spirit have the greatest humour. So allow your inner truths to shine through for you today, act with authenticity and integrity and everything else will fall into place. Love and laughter Michele xxxx


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