The Enlightenment Project… it all began

The Enlightenment Project… it all began

When Tanya and I started the Enlightenment we had a vision for the future and although we knew things would change we knew the core ethos of the project would remain the same.

The Enlightenment Project is an organic entity in its own right without claims of ownership. It belongs to the spiritual development of all and we wanted to take some time to share with you how we see the project and how you are all part of its growth and development just as it is part of yours.

Tanya and I have wanted a retreat for some time now, we didn’t want a place that was only available to those with money we wanted a spiritual community that no matter what your circumstances you were welcome. The only requirement was a commitment to your own growth and development. We have been very lucky that we have had each other to walk alongside during our early years on our spiritual path. I am not sure we would be stood where we are today, with the balance and harmony we both have in our lives if it wasn’t for that. We have both grown so much and in a relatively short space of time that we wanted to share what we had learnt, discovered and remembered. We also felt that it was our duty and our gift to pass that on, along with the support, understanding and friendship that we had shown each other. So many times we can struggle in the dark and all it needs is for someone to light the way for us, if only for a few seconds.

So we often discussed our dream but we could never work out exactly how we were going to bring this into being…..and that was our first error. We were attached to the outcome and we were using our 3d awareness to manifest in 5d, oh how naïve we were but still we tried to work it all out logically and rationally.

Then one day whilst at work Tanya was given the name The Enlightenment Project. By this time we had learnt to just go with the flow. We often received random info which at the time would seem fairly meaningless but would come clear later or that we would discover was a message for someone else. We got used to just blurting out usually quite bizarre stuff, often with hilarious results. This is why Tanya and I spend so much time with tears in our eyes, they are tears of laughter.

So I got a text with just the words Enlightenment Project, well that was like the floodgates opening, within a couple of months we were ready to launch. It was amazing the speed at which everything happened, this was truly our souls path.

Just like you we are both constantly growing and learning, striving to raise our levels of consciousness and vibration. We made a commitment some time ago that we are in service to the planet and every living entity here.

We have walked the paths that we have so that we can shine the light for you to find your own path, so that you in turn can light the way for others. That is fundamental to The Enlightenment Project….pay it forward.

So here we are today and how do we see The Enlightenment Project moving forward? No idea! No seriously we really don’t know and we have given up trying to figure it out as we are always way off the mark. Things tend to turn out in a way that we could never have predicted as its development would always rely on one last piece of into or event that wouldn’t become known until the last minute. We do however have an enormous amount of faith and trust. We know that we are on the right path and we are supported in everything we do. Spirit looks after us and we in return continue to operate from the heart with integrity, love and compassion, we live our lives with balance and harmony. We are constantly striving to be the best that we can be in any given moment, which means always making sure that our egos are in balance and we have become very skilled at doing that for each other , thankfully after a while the ego remains more balanced than not.

So The enlightenment Project does not belong to anyone in particular but everyone in general, it is a resource available to all, and contributions are very welcome, we are a family, a community, here to share our knowledge our skills our journey’s and our love, who knows where tomorrow may lead and who will come into our life but at The Enlightenment Project the door is always open and the light is always on

With lots of love and laughter Michele and Tanya xxxxx


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