August 9th 2012 Energy Forecast


Good morning, we have the energy of fun coming in today, it is a simple pure and fresh energy, and I also feel renewal and innocence. The fun and the innocence go very well together. This is to remind us of the fun and laughter we had as children, laughing over the slightest of things, usually it wasn’t so much something funny had happened but the energy that would pass between us, we would become almost giddy and intoxicated with laughter. We were truly living in the moment then, we  are jumping head first into the pool of life, with no expectation just acceptance and jWe were fearless with new experiences, adventures and challenges, with no thought to consequence just an urgency to do. We need to remember those moments, bringing it into the present, when we immerse ourselves in life in this way; every moment is an opportunity to smile, to laugh and to share. We should all laugh a lot more, the benefits are far reaching. Also as children we had not real concept of time and nor should we, time is an illusion and it certainly isn’t solid. We had a belief that everything would work itself out, we didn’t let clock watching get in the way of the joy of the moment. Once we return to the innocent wonder of children then a renewal takes place on so many levels, including the cellular, I believe we can actually look younger and feel young; it is all a state of mind after all. So shrug off your current perceptions of your responsibilities today, they are weighing you down and blocking your view and just run and laugh with no idea where you are going and only stop when you fall over from laughing so much. I feel that these energies may be around for a few days, so if you can’t manage it today, then go grab yourself some fun at the weekend. You have full permission to be as childish as you want, so find your inner child and play. Namaste my fellow travellers Michele xxx


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