Daily Energy Forecast August 5th 2012

Hi I write daily energy forecasts, these are based on the energies I can feel and see each day, I have been posting them for some time on our website and facebook page, The Enlightenment Project. They are similar to a horoscope but applicable to everyone as these are universal energies. Sometimes having a heads up on a particular energy coming in that day can help avoid unnecessary conflict or upset. I hope you enjoy, love and laughter Michele xx

August 5th 2012 Energy Forecast

Good Morning today is a little more mellow energy wise, partly because of the intense energy that came in last night, it may have given people with a disturbed night’s sleep and left them feeling a little bit spaced out and groggy today. Yesterday the energies were mainly red and today I see green, which is heart energy. Today is a great day for really living in your heart, if you haven’t done so already see if you can feel the shift from the mind to the heart. Spend some time today just sitting and being, daydreaming is a great way to pass the day today and it is not as inactive as you think. Connect with your heart as much as you can today, speak with it, you can do this by placing your hand on your heart and asking a question, you heart will respond, initially with physical sensations, get to know what is your hearts yes and no, get to know your heart. So let today be an experiment, separating the head from the heart. Separate what you feel you should be from what you are. When we accept ourselves and others from our heart we can truly experience peace. Within the heart there is no right and wrong, no black and white, no good and bad, no polarities exist within the heart only unity. We are entering a world of unity and place to start as always is within ourselves. So let the love run through you today, feel its gentle warmth, enjoy those tender-hearted moments and pass it on. Feeling unconditional love for all your fellow man is the most beautiful and peaceful feeling ever. So enjoy today, feel the love and pass it around. Namaste my beautiful friends Michele xxxImage


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